Wellington Racing Club

Race Day Punters Club

The Club has a number of "Experts" placing bets from the total investment pool of the punters Club. Their aim is to provide a payout to all those participating. Unfortunately there is no guarantee however we hope you have fun following the performance of the Punters Club during the day.

We hope to regularly update the results on this web page, over the course PA and on the in-field semaphore board in a timely fashion. Our apologies if at times there are delays. 

Investments and results 20th March 2021

Starting value per ticket $10x tickets sold   ($)1870.00

Race number Investments (Bets) Comment or value per share after collect (if any)
Race 3


$100 multi R3 place #8 , R4 win #1, Race 5 win #  , Race 6 place #2, Race 7 place #6, Race 8 #

$200 EW #8



Race 4

$370 multi R4 #1, going into R5 #1 return $1437



Race 5



Race 6





Race 7

$401 EW #7

Payout of $40

Race 8    

Thank you for being part of the Wellington racing Clubs race day punters club. 

If you are planning on leaving the racecourse prior to the final result, please leave your Punters Club ticket at the race day office with your name and postal address clearly written on the reverse. If there is a collect the Club will mail out a betting voucher with your winnings. If there is a collect the Club will mail out a betting voucher with your winnings. If the return is under $2 the proceeds will be donated to a local charity. 

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January  11th no collect

March 16th collect was $52 per ticket.

May 5th was money back ($10 per ticket)

May 25th $3 per ticket. 

June 8th $30 per ticket

December 7th $30 payout per ticket