Members Syndicate

This is your opportunity to be a racehorse Owner

RACE INC has teamed up with In To Win Syndication Ltd to make it affordable for you to share in the ultimate experience of being the Owner of multiple racehorses!!!

For only $40 per month per share, you will:

  • Be a shareholder in the RACE INC Members Syndicate

  • Be a guest at the launch event where RACE INC based trainers will draw out the horse they will train

  • Be a guest at the Trackwork breakfast where you get to watch your horses work and receive a rundown from your trainers, while enjoying a spot of breakfast

  • Receive weekly communication and updates 



 Fingers Crossed!


The number of horses you will have shares in will be dependent on how many Members take up this opportunity - we are working on a minimum of three and a possibility of eight or nine.

The only commitment required from you will be $40 per month paid by direct credit on the 10th day of each month into the Syndicate account.

$40 is one shareholding in the Syndicate, you can purchase more than oneshareholding.


To take up this winning opportunity or express your interest, please complete the form below

First Name
Date of Birth (you must be over the age of 18)
Membership Number (this is printed on your membership cards)
Number of shares you are interested in? (shares are $40 each per month)